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Our web hosting packages include a high-quality services at a low price. Everything you need for your homepage, beginning with the own domain, web space, visitor statistics, up to the MySQL database.

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info Mailboxes: 100 Mailboxes
info Mail alias: unlimited number of e-mail aliases possible
info Mail forwarding: for all e-mail addresses possible
info Mail autoresponder: for all e-mail addresses possible
info Mailing list: unlimited number of mailing lists
info Spam & Virus Protection: Professional virus and spam protection

info Webspace: 2000 MB Webspace
info Data transfer: Unlimited data transfer
info Microsoft Frontpage access: Yes, but only on request
info Directory protection: Yes, adjustable via Control Panel
info Visitor statistics: Detailed visitor statistics
info Web applications: The Web applications are easy to install via Control Panel

Software & Components
info Server: Windows Server 2008
info IIS: Internet Information Services 7.0
info ASP.NET: 2.0 / 3.5 SP1 / 4.0 / MVC 1 / MVC 2 / MVC 3
info Silverlight: 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0
info PHP: 4.4.7 / 5.2.13
info Python: 2.5
info Perl: v5.8.8
info SSI: 7.0
info JDK: 1.5
info Tomcat: 5.5.4
info MySQL: 5.0.45
info MsSQL: 2005 / 2008

info MySQL: You have 1 MsSQL database available.
info MsSQL: Yes, you have 1 MsSQL database available.
info Administration: Database management via web interface (WebAdmin)

info Support: 24/7 Support
info Administration interface: be easy to learn interface
info Upgrade: Upgrade to a higher package is possible at any time

Price & Period
info Monthly cost: 8.99 EUR inc VAT
info One-time setup fee: 0.00 EUR inc VAT
info Minimum period: 12 month
info Invoicing: annually
info Payment method: Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit Card